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Kōbo FAQ

Your one-stop-shop for pizza questions and beyond.

Q: How would you describe your pizza?

A: We’re inspired by the Detroit Style of pan pizza: a fluffy dough with a crispy edge cooked in black steel pans. Think OG Pizza Hut meets culinary prowess, and leave the word “traditional” at the door.


Q : But don’t you do Japanese food? How did this come about?

A : I trained in the “Starch City” of Japan, Osaka, and I was inspired by the Detroit Style of pizza, leading us to create this unique blend of pizza with a Japanese palate. We live in a global society now, which involves modern solutions and boundless creativity. Food is, like, a perfect medium to show how interconnected we all are and stuff, dude. 

Q : But what is Japanese about them pies, buddy?

A : Well, we use a secret mix of traditional wheat and Mochiko (sweet rice) flours that lends a unique texture and flavor to our dough. Then, we incorporated Aonori (dried seaweed) and koji (fermented rice) into the mix to deepen the umami factor. And a few other little tricks and tools that are clandestine. 

Q : So it’s traditional Japanese?

A : No, no, no. But it is delicious and fun. And that’s what we’re about; drawing a connection and keeping it classy while having a good time doing so.

Q : What does Kōbo mean?

A : Kōbo is Japanese for “yeast.” As we’re located in a functioning brewery, we took this concept all the way to the ground floor of what would be the parallel between Redhook Brewlab and us - and that is the yeast, baby! 

Q : Can I order online?

A : You sure can! We take online orders and we are on UberEats!

Q : Why can’t I order more than 4 pies at a time?

A : In order to balance our oven space and ensure all guests are served as quickly as possible, we try to avoid larger orders that can slow things down. We can absolutely accommodate these requests with a minimum 24 hour advanced notice, and hope you can give us a little heads up! We will always do our best to accommodate requests to the best of our ability based on the volume of orders we are experiencing. Pizza dough is a real labor of love, so we do our best to make sure there is plenty for everyone involved. 

Q : I have an idea for a pizza, who should I talk to?

A : You are so fantastic and creative! We’re lucky to have a passionate, creative team on deck, and you can send us a resume so you can be a part of the fun.

Q : What gives with the restrictions on some modifiers for your dishes?

A : We’ve spent a lot of time dialing in details and working on technical perfection to the best of our ability. While seemingly a small detail, sometimes the removal (or even addition) of some elements creates a scenario that doesn’t reflect the product or quality we would like to offer. And sometimes these requests result in slowing down the process for everyone involved. While we do our best, we do love and appreciate when people order off the menu as-is. If you’ve got a particular restriction, we’re more than happy to try and accommodate to the best of our abilities, but can’t guarantee being able to make every dream come true. You can always email us at with any particular questions prior to coming in, and someone will get back to you ASAP!

Q : What about gluten-free options?

A : We’re working hard to create something without gluten that eats the same way and has the same texture as our classic dough. It’s a tricky thing to do with this style due to the nature of how gluten and protein structure work together to build our dreamy dough, and our goal is to give you something that is as (if not more) delicious than our classic dough, but we're more concerned with making it perfect than rushing just something out. 

Q : I don’t like pizza.

A : Okay… not really a question, but we’ve got plenty of other items on the menu - from the storied Salt & Pepper Broccoli all the way to our Napa Cabbage Salad, we hope there is something for you here. If not, Taku is right next door and has delicious, gluten-free karaage chicken. 

Q : I called and no one answered the phone. What is the meaning of this?

A : Our phone number is not monitored and we do not check the voicemail regularly, but exists solely for business registration purposes. The best way to reach us is via email at, and we respond as quickly as possible. If it is super urgent, you can always stop by and ask to speak with a manager, and if one isn't present, the team can get you connected in the event of a life-or-death pizza emergency.

Q : How often is Shota at the restaurant?

A : Shota is always at the restaurant, as a little bit of him lives inside of us all. But seriously, as often as possible! He is a busy bee but loves seeing his people and you whenever possible, but we can’t guarantee his presence nor appearance (but you can always see him at our events!). But know that he loves and thinks of you, also. 

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